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Hello and welcome to my newgrounds gallery!!!!
I don't speak English and I use a translator to communicate. have a little patience with me

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Posted by WolfMask - February 20th, 2021

click here to see the larger image

[ https://d.furaffinity.net/art/wolfmask/1613816279/1613816279.wolfmask_2021.jpg ]


My price list for commissions for 2021 with their tiers, queue list, all my social networks and more useful information

If you want a commission you can contact me on some of my social networks or on Discord where I am most active

and if you want you can follow me

Thanks a lot

Posted by WolfMask - January 16th, 2021

Hello, how is everyone? I hope you had a good time at the end of the year with her loved ones.

I write a new journal to tell you several things:

-As you already know I had to cancel my commissions in November and go to the emergency room, after

a few days I was diagnosed with kidney stones, after this I had some problems since I do not have

a health insurer and luckily I had money saved that helped me solve this problem. Now

I feel much better in my health but I have to have regular check-ups to rule out future problems. Here

I want to thank all the people who sent me messages wishing me the best, I love them.

-As for my commissions, will be open now that you feel better or will remain closed? My commissions will be

open but only for people who were on the list before they got sick and who decided to wait all this

time until I recovered. When I finish with these people I will open my commissions for all who are interested

but I plan to do something and hope I can do it.

-My commissions will have a change, the prices of some lists will rise and they will be adjusted in others. The reason is

I have maintained the prices that I currently have for about 2 years and my expenses for this 2021 have increased and for

I will upload a new image with the new prices to make them known to people who are interested.

I think that's all. Thank you very much for reading this and I hope it is clear what I wanted to tell you, I am not very good at it.

write or express myself with words and I realized that in the previous Christmas and New Years diaries that I did not say everything

what I meant or said in a bad way .... sorry about that.

Thanks a lot!


Hola, como estan todos? Espero que la hayas pasado bien en el fin de año con sus seres queridos.

Escribo un nuevo diario para decirles varias cosas:

-como ud ya saben yo tuve que cancelar mis comisiones el mes de Noviembre e ir a sala de emergencias, despues de

unos dias fui diagnosticado con calculos renales, Luego de esto tuve algunos problemas ya que no tengo

una aseguradora de salud y que por suerte tuve dinero guardados que me ayudaron a solventar este problema. Ahora

me siento mucho mejor de mi salud pero tengo que hacerme unos chequeos regulares para descartar futuros problemas. Aqui

quiero dar gracias a todas las personas que me enviaron mensajes deseandome lo mejor, los quiero.

-En cuanto a mis comisiones ¿estaran abiertas ahora que te sientes mejor o seguiran cerradas?, mis comisiones estaran

abiertas pero solo para las personas que estaban en lista antes de enfermar y que ellos decideron esperar todo este

tiempo hasta que me recuperara. Cuando termine con estas personas abriré mis comisiones para todos los que esten interesados

pero tengo planeado hacer algo y espero poder hacerlo.

-Mis comisiones tendran un cambio, se elevaran los precios de algunos listas y se ajustaran en otros. La razon es

que he mantenido los precios que tengo actualmente alrededor de 2 años y mis gastos para este 2021 se han incrementado y para

eso subiré una nueva imagen con los nuevos precios para darlos a conocer a las personas que esten interesadas.

Y... creo que eso es todo. Muchas gracias por leer esto y espero que haya quedado claro lo que queria decirles, no se me da muy bien

escribir o expresarme con palabras y me di cuenta de eso en los anteriores diarios de Navidad y Año nuevo que no dije todo

lo que queria decir o lo dije de mala manera.... lo siento por eso.

Muchas gracias!


Posted by WolfMask - January 1st, 2021

Hello how are you?

Happy 2021 to everyone !!!

First of all, I want to thank all the new and old followers, all those who like my drawings, all of them Thank you very much for all this support you give me.

best wishes and I sincerely hope that the year is better for everyone

sorry but i'm not good with words.


hola como estan? Feliz año 2021 para todos!!! antes que todo quiero darles las gracias a todos los followers tanto nuevos como antiguos, a todos los que le dan likes a mis dibujos, a todos Muchas gracias por todo este apoyo que me dan. los mejores deseos y espero de corazon que el año sea mejor para todos lo siento pero no soy bueno con las palabras.


Posted by WolfMask - December 25th, 2020

Hello everyone

Merry Christmas! I hope you are having a very pleasant night with all your loved ones!


hola a todos

Feliz navidad! espero que esten pasando una noche muy agradable con todos sus seres queridos!


Posted by WolfMask - September 25th, 2020


how is everyone? It has been a long time since I wrote a journal like the previous ones, I have been busy with some commissions for some anonymous ones ... I have also been a bit tired and that has been noticed in the quality of my images and the speed with which I finish them [ or that's my impression]

Anyway, I'm writing to make you know some things, one of them is that I create a board in Trello. Here I will put my prices, queue list, free slots, some extra information and see if I can be more organized. As for my commissions, 2 slots are free in case anyone is interested.

Here I leave the link in case you want to see it although it is still under construction [ https://bit.ly/308317e ]

I have a Ko-fi account. I remember using it a long time ago just to make a donation and stop using it. So I decided to use it as tipjar if you are interested in making a donation, it is not mandatory but it would help me a lot. first of all, Thanks.

Here is the link [ http://bit.ly/2RQmJlK ]

I will update my commission prices, there will be changes. They will know later but for the moment everything will remain as is.

I think that's all I wanted to tell you, sorry for not uploading something for a long time and will try to upload something more often.

Thanks for everything, I appreciate it very much


Posted by WolfMask - March 30th, 2020

Hello everyone, how have you been? How are you going through quarantine? I hope you are well.

Ok, I write this to tell you:

- Thank you very much to the people who asked me for commissions with the slots that I opened earlier.

- But I decided to leave my commissions always open as I have always done, so if you want a commission from me you can write to me on any of my sites [twitter, FA, email, etc] although I would prefer it to be for Discord since it is easier the communication there [WolfMask # 1190] asks for availability first.

- Although I must put a new rule and that is that from time to time I will stop the commissions [maybe every 3, 4 comms] to take a little rest and make some personal drawing or idea that I want to do.

- Also to ask them a question. Would you like me to leave a public list with the people who are on the queue list of commissions?

- The raffle ... I think it will continue to be postponed unfortunately, I'm sorry guys

- Also thank all those people who follow me in all my places, everyone who likes the things I do too. you are the ones who encourage me to continue drawing.

[[[twitter= 759

FA= 790

pixiv= 650

NG= 254

Derpi= 1226]]]

Ok i think that's all i had to tell you. I hope I have not forgotten something. Thank you all very much, I appreciate them very much


Posted by WolfMask - March 8th, 2020

Hello how are you?

I am writing this to tell you that, I have already finished with the commissions that I had pending because I can already open my commissions again but I can only open 3 slots, if you want and if you are interested you can write to my Discord, ami emial or send me a direct message in any of my sites [twitter, FA, newgrounds, etc.] I would prefer DIscord for convenience

Why only 3 slots? Well, I still have to do the raffle that I had promised since December to celebrate and thank all those people who follow me, remember? For that I have done some sketch of poses that can be interesting and I already have something dynamic planned so that everything is organized ... the only problem I have [and that I have had for a long time] is the internet connection that I use . One of the dynamics I have is to stream where I do the raffle and make the winner known, but my internet connection is getting worse and worse [network drops every 5 minutes, 1/2 mega was used because yes, etc] maybe continue with the plan that I have but without the stream and they will have to trust that the whole draw is done transparently, without cheating or something.

I also want to do some YCH, try to do some other series / themes ... but this will be for later.

In any case, that's what I want to tell everyone. Thank you very much for everything for the follow, likes, etc. that encourages me to continue drawing.

Posted by WolfMask - January 30th, 2020

Hello how have you been?

I write this for:

Soon I will open some commission slots. Right now I am making some for some people who waited for me patiently during the days that I dedicated myself to rest.

Thanks also to all who follow me on all my sites. I still want to do a raffle class but what I don't know is how to organize it. but I'll do it.

and well ... that. Thanks a lot


Posted by WolfMask - December 31st, 2019

Hi everyone.

A few hours before the end of this year I want to wish everyone a happy year. This 2019 was a good year and I hope the next one is a much better one.


hola a todos.

a unas horas de que se acabe este año quiero desearles un feliz año a todos. este 2019 fue un buen año y espero que el siguiente sea uno mucho mejor.


Posted by WolfMask - June 7th, 2019

Hello everyone, how have you been?

I write this for a couple of things:

First of all, I would like to thank the people who have commissioned me in these months, the people who give them a heart [or a like or fav] in all the places I have. thank you.

second, to thank all the people who followed me after what happened with tumblr



PIXIV= 330



..... AND TUMBLR 1700 +O-

Third, my commissions will be closed for several weeks. the reason is that I will rest for a while, I want to see some series or things that I have pending, make drawings of ideas that I have written down there, look for new brushes because the ones I already do not like, re read the PDFs of the drawing books that there I have .... and practice, in summary.

fourth, I would also like to have a feedback from you. know what they like or do not like, any advice to improve ...

I think that's all. Once again thanks to all for the support with their likes, retweets and equivalents, that gives me a lot of encouragement to continue drawing.