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hello and welcome to my page
I do not speak English and I use Google translator, I'm sorry but that's the way things are


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Hello how are you?

I am writing this to tell you that, I have already finished with the commissions that I had pending because I can already open my commissions again but I can only open 3 slots, if you want and if you are interested you can write to my Discord, ami emial or send me a direct message in any of my sites [twitter, FA, newgrounds, etc.] I would prefer DIscord for convenience

Why only 3 slots? Well, I still have to do the raffle that I had promised since December to celebrate and thank all those people who follow me, remember? For that I have done some sketch of poses that can be interesting and I already have something dynamic planned so that everything is organized ... the only problem I have [and that I have had for a long time] is the internet connection that I use . One of the dynamics I have is to stream where I do the raffle and make the winner known, but my internet connection is getting worse and worse [network drops every 5 minutes, 1/2 mega was used because yes, etc] maybe continue with the plan that I have but without the stream and they will have to trust that the whole draw is done transparently, without cheating or something.

I also want to do some YCH, try to do some other series / themes ... but this will be for later.

In any case, that's what I want to tell everyone. Thank you very much for everything for the follow, likes, etc. that encourages me to continue drawing.

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1. If you are interested in a commission send me an e-mail to wolfmask_@outlook.com or a message in discord= WolfMask#1190 specifying what do you want.
2. I will communicate with You to give me more details, please be clear with what You want (visual references, pose, colors, etc) after this I will give you a price and draw a preview sketch
3. I will show you a preview sketch (In low quality) here, you can do some changes. If you are happy with the preview sketch, I will send you an invoice email.
4. Once the invoice e-mail is paid, I will start working in the drawing. It will be delivered as soon as it is finished.

•I reserve the right to decline any work for any reasons
•Payment via paypal, USD only
•I don’t do refunds or cancellations after the payment is done
•If you are not clear with the details of your commission (visual references, pose, colors, etc) , I am not responsible for mistakes
•For alternative versions of your commission, please tell me before beginning the process.  It can increase the price…. or not
•And the most important. I dont speak English, I usually use an online translator, so please dont rush me and be patient.